Our Work in Haiti

Since 2011, the Alliance for Children Foundation (the Foundation) has invested significantly in basic care for 95 children in two orphanages in Kenscoff, Haiti and built a medical facility that serves over 300 children per month. With this established groundwork, the Foundation launched an innovative education program to address the full span of development (0-18) for the most vulnerable children.

Access to School

The Foundation set up a tuition fund so that school age children in orphanages around could enroll in school. We are currently covering tuition for one orphanage of 45 children in Kenscoff, Haiti. The goal is to grow this fund so we can send more vulnerable children to school.

Early Childhood Development

85% of the brain develops in the first 3 years of life. We are focusing on ensuring healthy development during this timeframe, as it pays dividends throughout a child’s life and protects families and communities.

We partnered with Hands to Hearts International to implement an Early Childhood Development (ECD) training program in two key regions in Haiti. We trained 12 ECD Trainers, who are now leading trainings for 240 families and orphanage staffs each month and affecting over 5,000 children each year.

Tutoring and Extra Support

The Alliance for Children Foundation has formed a strategic partnership with the Matènwa Community Learning Center on the island of La Gonave in Haiti, whose groundbreaking methodology, rooted in child-centered and native-language learning, has been proven by MIT linguist Michel DeGraff to dramatically increase children’s success in literacy, school and life. In addition to partially funding the Matènwa school, (which educates 160 vulnerable children), the Foundation is creating a hub in Kenscoff and training teachers in the Matènwa’s model.


We have partnerships with US-based schools offering Skype exchanges with youth opportunities in the arts.

Job Readiness

We are actively seeking partnerships to increase opportunities for vocational training, including agriculture, computer skills, music learning and audio engineering, auto mechanics, etc.