Education Program

We believe that all children should have access to meaningful educational opportunities. The Alliance for Children Foundation is committed to promoting learning, creativity, and self-efficacy, with attention to the varying needs and abilities of the children in our care. We will facilitate mentorships and utilize tutors to lead and supervise engaging educational activities, enrich programming in the arts, and provide targeted vocational training.

Building a Learning Center in Haiti

In 2012, the Alliance for Children Foundation built a Group Home in Kenscoff, Haiti for sixty-five children. We began by taking care of their basic needs, including shelter, food, medical care, and safety. We are now establishing a Learning Center to provide educational resources that promote vibrant growth.

Our education program begins with the installation of a computer lab connected to the Internet. This summer, we will start teaching essential computing skills to the children and introduce them to developmentally appropriate educational software in French and Creole. Using technology, we will also facilitate cross-cultural exchange with students in the United States.

As the children become adolescents, our main focus will be to provide direct skills and vocational training to prepare them to be self-supporting adults who can thrive. We plan to integrate community and business partnerships and lay the foundation for future career and higher educational opportunities.

The Future

There is no shortage of need for children who are orphaned in Haiti and around the globe, but there is a shortage of resources. We have a vision to provide greater opportunities for the most vulnerable children by creating Learning Centers in all the countries where the Foundation works. We are starting in Haiti and hope soon to expand to China, Colombia, and Vietnam.

Please help by donating or connecting us with possible funders. If you are interested in volunteering or learning more, please contact our program coordinator, Zachary Lee at